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8 Productivity Tips For Working From Home

Working At Home Is – And Isn’t – All It’s Cracked Up To Be

More and more people are working from home, a recent study shows.

While there are obvious benefits to working from home such as relaxed attire, zero time in traffic, and avoidance of small talk at the water cooler, working from home comes with its own set of unique challenges.

Working at home isn’t always as easy as it seems.

Distractions abound, motivation tanks, and work-life balance can be all but nonexistent if you’re not careful.

Luckily there are some sure-fire ways to keep productivity high while working from home — here are 8 of our best ideas!

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8 Best Productivity Tips For Working At Home

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1- Set a designated space for work

This may seem like a no-brainer, but so many people don’t really get this right straight out the gate.

While working while laying in bed with your pajamas on may sound super cozy, you may want to reconsider for two reasons:

  1. First, it’s really hard to stay as organized with things scattered over multiple locations.
  2. Second, it blurs the lines between work and not-work all too easily.


To be most productive while working at home, set up a designated space for work.

This doesn’t mean you always have to work there.

Sometimes the couch really is comfier, and that’s okay.

But having a home-base for where you work is going to boost your productivity overall.

So, lead with that.


2- Get up and get dressed for the day

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No, you don’t have to put on a dress, heels and a full face of makeup as if you were going to the office.

But taking a shower and putting on something presentable has the effect of mentally preparing you for the day.

If you get started working wearing the pajamas you went to bed in at night, it doesn’t really signal that there’s a separation in activity.

You won’t get the same mental benefit of separating “working” from “not working”, and that decreases productivity.

For best results when working from home, take a shower and get dressed!


3- Eat healthy foods

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It’s so tempting to just grab whatever when you’re working from home.

Especially when you’re working on tasks that don’t exactly blow your skirt up.

In fact, many people wind up gaining weight in office settings for stress eating or eating out of boredom.

Don’t let this happen to you anyway now that you work from home!

Make it a point to eat healthily.

It’s good for your brain, your body, and your productivity!


4- Eat at designated times

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Just like you should eat healthily, you also need to block out designated eating times so you’re not either eating all day OR forgetting to eat at all.

Choose healthy meals, and also set aside time every day to eat.


5- Take designated breaks

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Similar to point #4 for eating, you also need to schedule at least one or two designated breaks to cool off and let your mind breathe some.

The pressure from running a business from home is tough — we get it!

100% of your success is dependent on the actions you take and the effort you put in.

So, it’s sink or swim.

You HAVE to work, or you don’t eat.

But your productivity will decrease sharply if you work so hard that you burn out.

You’ll actually be more productive if you pace yourself and allow yourself time to breathe.

6- Set boundaries with others

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Some people who don’t work at home don’t understand that while you have some flexibility that they wish they had, you’re not sitting at home eating bonbons watching soap operas all day.

It’s still work, even if you’re at home.

People may assume you can just talk on the phone at any hour or stop what you’re doing to meet up randomly at any time.

Or stay out late at night during the week because “it’s not like you have to get up early to work the next day”.

If only they knew, right?

You can’t fault people for imagining you have this amazing dream life free of responsibility.

But what you can do is set strong boundaries and stick to them.

Because honestly, working for yourself you’ll be working ten-times harder than you ever have for anybody else.

You can’t allow anybody to undermine your work ethic and the very backbone of your success!


7- Minimize distractions

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If you know you get distracted by TV, don’t work with the TV on.

It seems simple, but it’s so easy of a trap to fall into.

Many people can’t work in total silence, and for that, we suggest finding alternate methods of background noise.

Podcasts, instrumental or classical music, great audiobooks on topics related to your work, or even white background noise videos from YouTube are all excellent options.

Don’t thwart your own productivity by tempting yourself with distractions.

Save those for your designated breaks (see #5).


8- Set designated “non-work” hours

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Finally, the biggest productivity tip for working from home is to set non-work hours.

It sounds counter-intuitive because you think the more you work the more you produce.

And if your business just so happens to be something you love to do, the lines get blurred even further.

It’s good, but also bad because it can be really unhealthy.

It’s easy to neglect the other members of your family, or even yourself when you’re putting so much time into your business.

So, here’s please try to cut off your work time!


You CAN Be Insanely Productive Working At Home

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We hope you enjoyed this list of 8 productivity tips for working at home!

Happy hustling!

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