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9 Reasons Why Kindle Publishing Is The BEST Way To Make Money Online

In How I Quit My Job, I detail exactly how I built a 6-figure online passive income business by self-publishing Kindle books online. I discuss how I was confidently able to walk away from a lucrative career in legal research without batting an eye.


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How I Got Started Kindle Self-Publishing

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For now, I’ll briefly recap by saying sometime in 2015 I stumbled upon the idea of publishing non-fiction books on Amazon for passive income. I shrugged it off as some super-bizarre “get rich quick” scheme and went on about my business.

One day about a year later while searching for ways to make money from home, the idea resurfaced.

Someone in an online forum mentioned a Kindle Publishing training course at a reasonable price and I thought “what the heck”?

I jumped in full-force, found my path, and now I’m solidly out of the corporate rat race, working on my second online business, and I owe it all to Kindle publishing.


Is Kindle Publishing Still A Good Way To Make Money Online?

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Over time, things change. Especially in business.

This is true with Kindle Publishing on Amazon as well.

When I started back in 2016 the landscape was different from what it is today.

Even back then, though, I would look at other self-publishers who were already well-established.

I was so in awe of their success.

Listening to them reminisce about the glory days of two or three years prior made me wonder if I even had a shot.

But I clearly did.

I think in 2018, approaching 2019, you do too!


Over Time, Things Change

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The fact of the matter is that as more people become aware of opportunities, competition rises. It gets harder to succeed.

Platforms and algorithms change. Hot topics cool off and new ones emerge.

Unless you’re well-informed, it’s all too easy to shrug it off as a lost cause.

It’s so much easier to talk ourselves out of doing something than it is to jump in the water and see if we can swim.


Well, today I want to shed light on why I think Kindle Self-Publishing is still the best, fastest, easiest way to make money online.

And why I recommend it to anyone who has the right combination of desire, resourcefulness, and determination to succeed.

Click here for all the ways Kindle Publishing has changed over the years.


9 Reasons Why You NEED To Start Kindle Publishing

Kindle publishing is the best way to make money online fast! Read on for 9 reasons to try self publishing for fast passive income online.


1- You can be totally anonymous

One of my favorite things about Kindle Self-Publishing is the anonymity of it.

Sure, the books you publish can use your real name if you’d prefer. But most of us publish under pen names.

Most other online businesses you start will have your name and face attached to them in some way. This can be good, or it can be bad.

For example, a huge part of this blog is about my journey with alcohol addiction recovery.

While I’m passionate about this topic and enjoy writing about it, I can’t imagine having started such a blog/business while still needing to be viable in the corporate world.

What if somebody found out? What if I faced the stigma that surrounds alcoholism and my career was in jeopardy?

I personally loved the flexibility of flying under the radar while working my way out of the office.

I currently own titles in a variety of niches and silently built my 6-figure business without anyone other than my husband knowing.


It was our deliciously dirty little secret.


What a great way to get your feet wet with making money online without blasting your face or name across the internet!


2- It’s about 90% truly passive

passive income kindle self publishing

Some passive income businesses really aren’t that passive.

Take blogging for example – yeah you write posts and do other things that can earn you money without you having to keep doing them over and over.

You CAN make loads of money in your sleep.

But if you stop writing posts altogether, or stop responding to emails, don’t create products, don’t promote on social media, don’t work on your SEO, etc… your earnings will drop to zero real fast.

With self-publishing, it’s really pretty much passive.

Once you create your book, upload it to the proper network and get it promoted properly, it’s on autopilot.

In How I Quit My Job I share the one and only income report I’ll ever share.

It shows that I earned over $10,000 in one month for just 8 hours of work… For the ENTIRE MONTH.

That’s me living off work I did 1-2 years ago!

It’s just light maintenance to make sure things are running smoothly.

Kind of like getting an oil change every so often rather than needing to keep buying a whole new car.

You can’t beat that with a stick!


3- Kindle publishing has a very low cost of entry

passive income how to get started

Though it does require some money to get started, as far as starting a business is concerned, it’s pennies.

If you have about $2,000 to $3,000 you’ll be good.

If you don’t have that much but you have a bit more time on your hands, you can still be good.

But imagine if you wanted to open up a clothing store, a food truck, a restaurant or some other brick-and-mortar business?

How much capital would you need then? WAY more!

Though you can make money really fast with Kindle Publishing, it’s important to have the mindset that it is very much a REAL business.

It’s not a get-rich-quick hustle even if it feels like it.

Comparing apples to apples – businesses to businesses – starting a Kindle business is about as low-overhead as you can get.


4- Kindle Publishing skills are highly transferable to other online businesses

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When I started Kindle Publishing I had no idea just how well it would set me up for success in other ventures.

If you go through all the steps in the Kindle course I recommend, you will quickly learn so much about how the internet and e-commerce work.

You’ll learn about social media marketing, other promotion strategies, how to source profitable niches, keywords and more.

At the time I didn’t really understand how this would tie into anything down the line.

Back then I had tunnel vision. I just wanted to make enough money to quit my job and still live a decent life.

But now that I’m blogging for profit as well, I’m finding that so many blogging concepts come so much easier because I already have 2.5 years of experience creating and marketing content.

It’s like the lightbulb went off really fast for me with blogging and I know part of that is thanks to Kindle Publishing.

I also know many who started self-publishing and went on to establish other internet businesses.

Some opened Etsy stores, others began Dropshipping businesses or went the affiliate marketing route.

The possibilities are endless for what you might take on next.

If you’re passionate about making music, working with the elderly, baking cakes, skateboarding, pets… whatever.

Can you imagine how much easier it will be to create businesses out of the things you are really passionate about if you’re not pressured about earning money from them as quickly as possible?

Learning how to extract income from the internet the fast, easy way by selling Kindle books will help make anything you do next that much sweeter.


5- Kindle Publishing income is stable

I know I’m not the only digital creative who feels a little scared.

Driving in traffic to the office and being told what to do all day for pennies compared to the value you’re bringing the company is painful, yes.

But that steady paycheck every 2 weeks is oh, so comfy. Right?

When you walk away from that steady paycheck, 100% of your income is on your shoulders.

If you don’t work on your business, baby – you don’t eat.

If something changes or some crisis happens, you could lose everything and be back on uploading your resume trying to explain away a gap in your employment history.

Not hot.


But let me tell you I put that to the test.

first few days of sobriety

About a year ago a life-altering event took place.

I was adopted out at birth and unexpectedly found my birth family!

Today things are beyond amazing and I’m in love with everything about it, but honey – I was a mess when it all first went down!

I did not touch my Kindle business at ALL for at least 2 months while I was going through the worst of it, drinking to excess to cope (not recommended, by the way) and in general just losing my entire damn mind.

I was scared that my income would drop. That I’d suffer hardcore and have to rebuild everything I’d worked so hard for. But guess what?


I made over $4,000 on EACH of those months.


And despite my absence, my income actually GREW!

That was what gave me the confidence to quit my job, honestly.

Life-altering events don’t come that often (thankfully).

Barring any more of those, I don’t think I’ll ever have to take months off working.

So, if Kindle Publishing could sustain that type of lapse in activity, I knew it was golden.


Different kinds of breaks today

how to stay sober on vacation

Today my life is stable, and I don’t need (or want) to take months off at a time.

But because I set up Kindle Publishing 2 years ago, today when I want to take a week or two off to go on a vacation, I get to do that and never worry about money.

Or never stress out about what work I need to maintain or do while I’m gone.

I don’t even check my sales dashboards that frequently anymore.

I just know I can pretty much count on a bare minimum each month with very little effort on my part.

It’s stable and secure.

You can start your passive income Kindle Publishing business today, and in a year or two enjoy that same sense of stability.


6- Kindle Publishing is fast income

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One of the things about Kindle Publishing that makes me so motivated to recommend it is that it is fast!

Though it’s not a “get rich quick” scheme, you can probably get rich a lot quicker doing Kindle Publishing than you will with a traditional business.

What really excited me about Kindle Publishing personally was how quickly I earned my first couple dollars.

I published my first book on March 12, 2016.

I woke up on March 13th with my first sale, and a couple days later had about ten bucks!

Granted the money I put into creating that book was well over what I’d made but such a fast return made me enthusiastic about continuing.

It was the proof I needed that it could work. I just needed to sell more of those books, right?

So I say, if you have a couple thousand to start, you can publish quite a few books right out the gate and have more opportunity to earn more, quicker.

If you have less money you can still get started with just one book, use the proceeds from that first book to create another and keep reinvesting into your business until you’re where you want to be.

But the proof is in the pudding with Kindle Publishing. You can literally begin earning money overnight.

And that’s outstanding motivation for you to keep going in the beginning. Fast wins!


7- Kindle Publishing is an affordable crash course in entrepreneurship

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Before Kindle Publishing I didn’t really know the first thing about business.

Sure, I’d learned a lot about corporate life, but running my own business where I was responsible for every little thing was foreign to me.

I treated Kindle Publishing as a real business from day one.

There are many steps I took straight out the gate.

I formed an LLC, got straight with taxes, built a one-page website that is really just a placeholder for legitimacy and got a real business e-mail address.

I also set up a P.O. box for all business mail.


Change Brings Challenges

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Earlier in this post, I talked about how the landscape for Kindle Publishing has changed over time.

But changes in business are inevitable. To weather those changes I was forced to be resourceful and creative, constantly trying new ideas to keep me thriving.

I hired virtual assistants to help me out with promotion, and for the first time found myself on the hiring and management side of business instead of being hired and managed.

I’ve had to fire underperforming contractors, which wasn’t very much fun.

I tried a few ideas that failed miserably and were horribly disappointing. But them’s the breaks!

I mean there’s so much that goes into forming a legitimate business that I’ve learned from Kindle Publishing.

And it was just a very easy, low overhead, low-risk way to learn those incredible lessons!

Kindle Publishing, essentially, made me a BOSS in my own right.

I believe I can run any business successfully now.

It’s a great way to get bossed up, fast!


8- You CAN use it to build a brand for yourself

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Though many self-publishers do this in reverse – start with Kindle Publishing then later branch out into other businesses.

What you CAN do is start Kindle with your real identity and build a brand.

I have a few friends in the business who have done just that.

They made really high-quality books, built up a huge customer/fan base, built mailing lists for interested parties, then built blogs and websites, created other products to sell, and now they have huge brands that people love.

The anonymity of it is definitely attractive to some. But you don’t have to do it that way.

I was thinking pretty small and straight-forward at the time I began.

I JUST wanted to earn $500/month online in case I wanted to stay home with my baby once he was born.

But if your eyes are bigger than that, you absolutely can go into Kindle Publishing with a totally different plan and get an even more powerful result!


9- Your chances of success are high

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Finally, the last reason why I think Kindle Publishing is STILL the best, fastest, easiest way to get started making passive income online in 2019 and beyond is that your chances of success are still sky high!

All it is is doing the work, following the steps, and wash, rinse, repeat until you’re where you want to be.

I’m not saying its easy-easy. Like it still takes work. There is a learning curve.

The course I recommend has 21 video lessons – each is important.

You’ll be walked through each step and instructed to complete the step before moving onto the next.

So by the time you finish the course, you’ll have a couple live books up earning you money. But…


You gotta do the work!

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And then do it again, again, and again until you have a library of products that sell on autopilot.

Then you don’t have to do the work anymore.

Literally, the only thing you have to do is pay attention, DO THE WORK, and keep going until you get there.

If you do this, you will succeed.

That’s not to say challenges won’t pop up.

It’s also not to say that you’ll fly through each step quickly and easily.

You may not nail it the first time (I didn’t lol).

But if you keep going until it “clicks” for you, you can make it.

There are stories of people who DON’T make it. Those people are the ones who failed to follow instructions, failed to complete the program, or failed to keep going.

I don’t believe I won because I got lucky. Truthfully, I believe I won because I followed instructions to the letter.

I then reinvested 100% of my profits back into the business for the first year or so. And I never gave up until I was satisfied with my income.


I STILL publish new books occasionally, just not as often. 


At the end of the day, tenacity and persistence are probably the biggest qualities required to succeed in business, or with any life goal for that matter.

If you really want something you must never give up!

But that’s a topic for a different day.


Is Kindle Publishing Right For You?

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So, do you think Kindle Publishing is the right choice for you?

Share your thoughts in the comments!


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