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10 Kindle Publishing Tips & Tricks To SKYROCKET Your Earning Potential

Looking to make money online working from home?

Kindle publishing is hands-down the best way to achieve all those things quick, fast and in a hurry.

In fact, I was able to walk away from a lucrative career just 18 months after releasing my first self-published book.

And I haven’t looked back.

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10 Kindle Publishing Tips To Boost Your Income

What’s obvious is that earnings potential is sky high with self-publishing.

With the internet at your fingertips (and Amazon, let’s be honest), you have an unlimited reach and a wide audience of hungry readers just waiting to gobble up your latest release.

But what’s not so obvious are the tips and tricks you gradually learn over time, that really blast your income into outer space.

Today, I’m going to share my 10 best Kindle publishing tips & tricks to skyrocket your earning potential.


1. Buy A Course To Show You The Way

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Almost anything you really want to know and learn can be found on the internet for free.

I’ll be honest – Kindle self-publishing is no different.

If you are resourceful enough you can cobble together different tutorials from blogs, youtube videos, Facebook groups, common sense and Amazon itself.

However, that is time-consuming and more trouble than its worth.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can bypass all that heartache by learning directly from the experts?

Kindle publishing success tip #1 is to buy a course to show you the way. It’s the smart way to hustle.

I officially recommend and vouch for K-Money Mastery.

It’s the course I used to get started and I feel it teaches you proper foundation and step-by-step instructions for getting your first book up and running.

My first book was live within about a week of first purchasing K-Money Mastery, and today I enjoy an income of over $10,000 monthly working a maximum of just 2 hours weekly.

The course is really comprehensive and is a must-have product if you’re as serious as you should be about getting your Kindle publishing business off the ground.


2. Take Your Time With Keyword Research

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One of the most important pieces of Kindle publishing successfully is keyword research.

While you think you have an amazing life story with wild twists and turns that everybody will love, unless you’re already famous, nobody will care about your story.

You won’t make a dime.

Sorry, toots.

The way Kindle publishing works is in reverse.

You research what topics people are already hungry for and produce books on those exact topics.

You first find demand, then create supply to meet it.

K-Money Mastery will teach you exactly how to find good keywords, for sure!

But the main thing to remember about this is to take your time.

This is the single most important thing you have to do right, so take your time and nail it.

Because let me tell you from experience – you can have the prettiest cover, the most compelling description, five-star content, and even great marketing.

But if nobody cares about your topic, none of that matters.

None of it.

Kindle publishing success tip #2 is to take your time with keyword research.


3. Have Covers That Stand Out

The cover is the advertisement and is the first thing people see when they search for your keyword on Amazon.

They say, “you can’t judge a book by its cover”.

But let me tell you, you can sure determine if you want to buy one or not!

Fiverr is a great place to buy covers for cheap, but if you publish for a while you’ll soon find almost everyone has the same type of cover.

Big, bold colorful text at the top and a single graphic image covering the bulk of the book.

This is okay, and I’ve had success with many books having these standard covers, but if you really want to elevate your game and bring in the big bucks, learn to design your own covers.

I personally use Canva to design my book covers, and as soon as I made that switch, my self-publishing income skyrocketed.

Plus, it saves time as you don’t have to wait for a contractor on Fiverr to create it and edit any little thing for you.

AND… if you ever want to make money online some other way, such as start a blog, learning a little bit about graphic design will take you a LONG way.

Trust me.


4. Research What The Competition Is Missing

Another tip to make your Kindle books really pop is once you’ve got your amazing keyword, research the competition!

Comb through their reviews and look for the 3-star reviews because those are the sweet-spot.

4 and 5-star glowing reviews won’t have much negative to say.

They think the book is pretty much perfect.

1 and 2-star reviews just hate everything about the book, so you can’t really take what they say and apply it to your own book.

But 3-star reviews will likely say they enjoyed a few things but the book would be better if it had…

If you can find a bunch of 3-star reviews on your keyword, look for consistency with what the books are missing.

If you don’t find much consistency, that’s okay. Just add and focus on some of what you find.

But as a general rule, if I find something that’s missing 3 times or more I make a HUGE deal out of it!

I’ll write a whole chapter on that topic, then hype it up in my description, on the cover, and in any promotional materials I have.

This practice has really helped me grow!


5. Reinvest Profits For As Long As You Can

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I know it’s tempting to finally see some money rolling in and start pulling it out but let me tell you… don’t do this.

Wait until you hit at least a consistent $1,000 per month until you start drawing on it – but I’d wait even longer.

If you do things right (which I did not… I did things very, very wrong and still won)… you really don’t need a metric ton of books to perform well.

Some people nail the keyword research and book cover part of Kindle publishing straight out the gate.

There are reports (and screenshots) of people making $3,000 to $5,000 per month on just 6 books.

That wasn’t me.

I messed up a lot and currently own over 100 titles (and counting, as I still publish today).

But what I did was just aggressively reinvest almost everything until I reached a point where I was running out of keyword ideas and honestly couldn’t find ways to reinvest the money anymore.

Even if you are magical and have a great formula that has you making $5,000 a month off your first 3 books, WHY in tarnation would you stop there?

You should make 3 more just like it every month.

Or more.

Once you find something that works you run it into the ground.

But anyway, the point is, don’t get too excited when you see the first trickles of it working.

Grow your budding plant into a huge oak tree.

It’s only smart.


6. Repurpose Your Content Immediately

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When I first started self-publishing, advice was to wait to see how a book performs on Kindle before moving to paperback and audio formats.

If it did fairly okay, then you would turn it into paperback and audio formats.

This is no longer wise.

Today, competition is stiffer than ever, and you can’t afford NOT to repurpose your content as many times over as you can!

When I finally put some of my Kindle books in paperback form it was shocking at how much money I’d left on the table all those months.

Kindle publishing tip #6 is to get your books into every format imaginable as part of your launching strategy.

Don’t wait.


7. Create Book Outlines

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Unless you have a metric ton of time, really enjoy writing, or want to cut production costs by writing yourself, you’ll likely outsource book-writing to a ghostwriting company.

While you can just say “give me a 12,000-word book on the best hot dogs across the globe” (don’t do this… very bad idea).

You’d do better to look at competing hot dog books, see how they’re structured, what they’re missing and what you’d like yours to include, and draft a general outline of what it is you want.

This can be as detailed or simple as you want.

But I saw a marked increase in the quality of my books when I went the extra mile and put more effort into book creation.

Don’t be lazy!

You’re outsourcing almost all the work.

You can spend a little time, in the beginning, to make sure your books are quality.


8. Be Resourceful, Creative & Unique

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While purchasing a Kindle course for guidance is key, it’s simply not good enough to follow step-by-step and do nothing more.

Kindle publishing is a pretty easy side hustle overall, yes, but let’s remember it’s also a business.

It is an entire business and you have to treat it as such.

This means you need to put your own oomph into it.

You need to find ways to stand out from the competition.


We Can’t All Be The Same

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If 1,000 people buy the same Kindle course and do all the strategies exactly the same, using the same keywords (it happens), using the same style of cover on Fiverr, using the same methods of promotion, what do you think happens?

You get lost in the sea of standard, basic and average.

Standard, basic and average never won any awards.

Standard, basic and average is not going to take you to the top.

What you need is amazing, interesting and outside-the-box!

You get that by putting your own spin on things.


How Can You Differentiate?

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Maybe you use different fonts for your book covers, or you find different places to promote your book online.

Perhaps you create a blog to go deeper into the topics you write about.

Maybe you find an additional platform to sell your content on (Amazon’s the biggest but not the only).

The point is you can’t do things exactly the same way as 99% of other people do and expect a greater return on your time.

So yes, buy the course, learn the process, but once you get comfortable with the basics, sprinkle it with a little of your personal magic.

Trust me.


9. Keep Track Of What’s Working And What’s Not

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How do you know what’s working and what’s not unless you track it?

You don’t!

This doesn’t have to be a crazy-detailed process.

All I do is keep a notebook of what book I published and when, and what new things I tried this time.

When I start to see a book take off, I go back and look at any changes I may have made or what I’ve done differently.

That’s how, over time, you build your magical methods unique to you and your personality.

For me, the biggest change I saw was when I began designing my own book covers.

Now I can tell straight out the gate if a book cover will outperform the competition.


10. Don’t Give Up!

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Finally, perhaps obvious but also not-so-obvious is give it time and don’t give up!

I was stuck at the $300-$450 mark for months before I had my breakthrough.

Like 7 months.

I just could not get past that point!

But I kept going… kept reinvesting every penny back into the business.

Once things “clicked” for me and I really began to understand how the whole thing works and what the market really wants, I went from $450 to $3,000 monthly in 4 months.

Once I hit $4,000 for 3 consecutive months, I quit my job to work on creating books full-time and 4 months later I had my first $10,000 month!

I’ve hit that, easily, EVERY SINGLE MONTH ever since.

Now my catalog of books is so large I don’t really have to work anymore if I don’t want to.

I don’t say this to brag. I say this to impress upon you how important it is to never give up on your dream.

If working from home so you can be with your children, start a business you’re passionate about, or play Candy Crush all day in your PJ’s (don’t judge me)… you CAN get there.

But not if you give up before you make it to the top.


When Will YOU Start Kindle Publishing?

Self publishing kindle books online is a great side hustle to help you quit your job, work from home, and earn passive income online. Here are 10 kindle publishing tips & tricks to get you started on the right foot!

Now you have my 10 top pieces of advice for Kindle Publishing.

What do you think?



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