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5 Success Habits To Take You To Six Figures And Beyond

On my personal journey toward successful online entrepreneurship, freedom and wealth, I have learned and continue to learn many lessons.

The fact of the matter is if you want change, you need to change. And this starts with changing your habits.

The actions we take (or don’t take) directly influence our outcomes.

Therefore, the financial freedom and success we seek is available to us but only if we change how we behave. We must have good success habits if we want to be successful!

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Success Habits Take Time To Cultivate

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No matter how easy it looks from the outside, the overnight success story is rare.

Unless you were born into wealth – which most of us were not – you probably have a long, uphill battle to get where you want to be in life.

Much of what we’re taught in school does not prepare us for real wealth and success.

If you follow all the rules and do what you’re “supposed” to do, you can be successful at work, yes.

But wealth and freedom aren’t the goals of traditional education.

It’s not what they teach you – at least not in American schools.

Today I want to share with you 5 success habits that you can use to build wealth of your very own.


Success Habits For Wealth & Prosperity

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For a teeny tiny background on my story, I wasn’t born rich.

Just like everybody else, I’ve had my own set of wild challenges to overcome.

I’ve survived abuse, slept in my car and cheap hotels, had the lights turned off, lived in undesirable neighborhoods, been on food stamps, worked in unfavorable jobs, been grossly underpaid for my skills – and more.

This is to say that the message isn’t coming from someone who always had it together.

I’ve had my share of hurdles to climb!

It took work, and it’s still work breaking through some of my old habits and ways of thinking.

But it’s important work if you want to break through to the next level.

And of course, that’s what you want to do, right?


5 Success Habits To Take You To 6-Figures And Beyond


1- Spend More Time Creating Than Consuming

If you’ve ever read up on habits of successful people, one of the first things you’ll notice is all the articles, books, blogs say they don’t watch much TV.

I was never a total lover of TV, but in the course of growing my businesses and achieving financial freedom, I naturally found this becoming more and more true for me, too.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with TV.

There are some shows that are just excellent, like Real Housewives of Atlanta.

I kid lol.

If watching TV is your cup of tea, have at it!

But just know if you want to make a metric ton of money you need to spend way more time creating than you do consuming.

And you can’t really do both at the same time.

When you watch TV, you are not creating anything. You’re not adding value to the world. You’re not doing anything that generates wealth.

Your mind is actually kind of shut off, if you think about it.

The people who you’re watching on TV are the creators.

The actresses, the camera crew, the people who provide the background music, makeup, and lighting.

Consumers are never the wealthy ones.

The first success habit that glaringly stands out to me is to spend most of my time doing things that spur creativity.

TV is not one of those things.


2- Money IS A Hobby

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I recall before things started to go uphill for me, I was intimidated by money.

Not in the sense that I didn’t want money. I always wanted money.

Like many bright-eyed, bushy-tailed young ones I declared “I’m going to be a millionaire by the time I’m 30”.

Then I took no active steps to learn anything about money and how it works!

My credit was in the toilet, I had no idea how compound interest or stock markets worked.

I had no budget, precious little savings, and was living even worse than paycheck to paycheck.

Yet I ran around talking about how I wanted to be rich.


Over the years I’ve made a success habit of enjoying learning about money.

Learning about different types of investments so that I know what best to DO with my money once I get it.

Paying attention to laws and bills that can affect my bottom line.

I learned of the best types of places to store money for a rainy day, tons of ways to make money online.

Even if I wasn’t going to be successful at digital entrepreneurship, I grew informed as to the skills and abilities I should develop if I wanted to upgrade to a more lucrative career – and grew committed to acquiring that specific skills set. (Hint: It’s tech)

I began to listen to finance podcasts and read personal finance books.

Money became a little hobby of mine, and I think it is one of the success habits that has served me well.


Lotto Winners Who Lose It All

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I’m sure you’ve heard stories of lottery winners who’ve lost it all shortly after collecting their earnings.

I think this is because they just… didn’t know what to do with the money once they got it.

The same holds true for so many of us, even with smaller amounts.

If we’ve never really had anything, as soon as we do come across a little money, instead of knowing how to invest it in a business, use it to pay down high-interest debt, invest in our skills… we blow it on material items that have no value and erode our net worth.

If you love money and want to earn it, keep it and watch it grow… you need to first learn about it and make it one of your hobbies.

That’s success habit #2.


3- Arguing Is One Of The Least Wealth-Minded Things You Can Do

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Now that I’m in a very healthy, harmonious relationship, I can look back on some of my unhealthy, turbulent relationships and I can see that arguing was a direct wealth-killer.

While disagreements will happen no matter how in love or perfect for each other people are, I think actual arguing is pointless, gets you nowhere and directly drains your productivity and creativity (see point #1).

These days I pretty much refuse to argue. And It’s served me well.

I’m all up for healthy discussion and coming to resolutions, even if a third party mediator be present.

But the back and forth, the drama, heightened voices and emotion?

I have zero time for that.

I’d rather be creating.


4- Seek The Best Return On Investment (ROI) For Your Time

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When you think about it, all we really have is time.

The difference in a single action on a single day means precious little, but over time our habits are responsible for our outcomes.

For example, if you want to lose weight, you know you should go to the gym.

If you create a success habit of going to the gym at 5 am most days of the week, over time you are likely to achieve your goals.

It’s okay if you sleep in here and there, but if you make a habit of sleeping in and habitually avoid your workout, you can’t expect the best result.

The same is true with wealth-building.

Since I quit my job I have way more time to focus on my business.

But when I was still working I cultivated a success habit of getting up extremely early to make magic happen.

To this day I still do that – even though I don’t have to.

That first hour or two beginning around 4:30 or so in the morning before anybody else wakes up will always be the best time to get things done.

That same time could be spent sleeping, sure. But the work I can complete in those same 2 hours can bring me hundreds of dollars of monthly passive income for years to come!

The ROI for actively working on my dreams is greater than that of dreaming while asleep.

That is a success habit that took time to cultivate, but I think it’s an important one if you want to get to the next level.

Identify the most effective activities for a higher return on investment of your time.


5- Follow The Path Of Least Resistance

Success habits are key to financial freedom! If you want to make money, be wealthy, get rich and create your best life, you have to establish better habits. Here are 5 success habits that led me to financial freedom!

Building wealth, to me, is a lot of work, but to me, it’s coming easy.

I believe that’s because I’ve chosen to follow the path of least resistance.

That doesn’t mean you avoid working hard.

It’s still “hard”, but in a different way.

My personal wealth-building philosophy is that I only want to do things I truly enjoy, and that’s what I mean by following the path of least resistance.


Do What You Love & You’ll Never Work Again

do what you love and you'll never work again

The saying “do what you love, and you’ll never work again”, maybe you’ve heard of it?

It sounds cheesy, but I think it’s achievable for most of us, especially with the internet at our fingertips.

Almost anything that you really enjoy and can do well is able to be monetized these days.

You don’t have to slog away at something you hate just because you think it’ll bring you money!

You’ll fare better if you can find ways to monetize your unique set of skills, talents, abilities and interests.

For me? In my first business which allowed me to quit my job, with stock investing and now with blogging, I pretty much only do the things I really enjoy.

For the rest? The stuff I dislike? I either outsource it or see if I can skip it all together.


The Lines Between Work And Play Can Get Blurry

My close family members can’t really tell when I’m working and when I’m engaging in hobby activities because they look the same.

A huge part of blogging, for example, is posting cute graphics on Pinterest.


I do it because I have to, to drive traffic to my blog (that’s probably how you found me, right)?

But I also do it for fun in my spare time because I love it!

I get to play with pretty pictures, lovely fonts, and bright colors! What’s not to love about that?


If It Makes You Miserable It Won’t Make You Rich

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If you hate writing, hate designing graphics, hate connecting with people, don’t care about helping others, and abhor technology… I don’t recommend you start a blog!

That is NOT traveling the path of least resistance.

You would do better to find another way to financial freedom because in that case, blogging ain’t for you!

If it feels miserable, it probably won’t make you rich.

Success habit #5 is to follow the path of least resistance. Find money-generating hobbies that you enjoy!


Are You Ready For Success?

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So, are you ready for success?

Let me know in the comments!


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5 Success Habits To Take You To Six Figures And Beyond