Save money right away with these romantic, free date night ideas. Fall in love and save more money, spend less money with these totally free date night or date ideas.
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10 Free Date Night Ideas To Help You Save Money

Romance is frequently in the air, especially as warmer spring and summer months approach, but if you’re trying to save money for whatever reason, you may be stumped as to what to do to keep those sparks and embers aglow.

Well, have no fear.

Here are 10 totally free date night ideas that will help you save money and please your honey!

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10 Free Date Ideas To Help You Save Money

10 Romantic Free Date Night Ideas To Help You Save Money


1- Romantic Walk At The Beach Or Around Town

Number one on our list of free date night ideas is taking a romantic walk around a nearby area. If you live near water, take a stroll around the lake or the beach (weather permitting). If you don’t live near water, that’s totally fine too.

Go get lost downtown in a (totally safe) area that neither of you have ever explored or know very well.

Talking and holding hands while learning about a new area is a great, free way to spend quality time on a date.


2- Netflix & Chill With Homemade Snacks

free netflix date night

Instead of going out to an expensive movie, bring the movies to you!

This isn’t a basic Netflix and Chill date though – with no thought put into it. The fun part is seeing what snacks you can prepare based on things that you already have in your fridge or pantry.


3- Board Or Card Game Date

cards free date night

Third on our list is a board or card game date night. Depending on your personalities, this can be very competitive, fun and or/racy!

There are so many types of games to choose from, from classic Monopoly, Checkers or Chess, to the more modern Exploding Kittens (which is lots of fun and literally the most-funded games project in Kickstarter history – check that out)!

A bonus tip which adds to the fun is to place bets before the game and winner, wins. You can get really creative with this and wind up with wildly enjoyable future plans!


4- Quality Massage Date Night

massage free date night idea

Giving each other massages seems kinda cheesy and like a no-brainer, but the kicker here is that you do it with intent. Go on YouTube and learn some actual massage techniques to try on each other, so it’s something that has a bit more oomph and effort behind it.


5- Try Geocaching

frugality travel

Have you ever heard of Geocaching? If not, you’ll want to learn all about it!

Geocaching is an app that you use on your GPS-enabled phone, where people hide objects of varying sizes in secret outdoor locations in different communities.

You sign up to join the geocache, pick a location, and go hunting for the item.

Once you find it, you sign the log in person and then go online and log your find there as well.

This is a great, free activity to do on a date because it will get you to new places that both of you may never have seen, as well as keep you focused on a common goal.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!


6- Cook Something New Using Ingredients You Already Have

cooking free date night

Taking the tip from making movie snacks a little farther, a great idea to save money on a free date is to grocery shop in your fridge or pantry and see what ingredients you have that are just laying around, unused.

Put them out and search for interesting recipes together, using some of those ingredients.

This is fun because, like Geocaching, it’s teamwork to pull together the ingredients, select a recipe, cook it together, then eat.

It’s a true bonding experience that will help you save money too, for sure!


7- Photo Shoot

photo free date night idea

So, while this free date idea may not be for everybody, if you’re creative and willing to get a little silly and have some fun, why not try doing photoshoots of each other (or together, if you have a selfie stick or mini-tripod around)?

You can each pick what the other should wear, and decide on setting and props, and take turns being photographer and director for the evening.

It’s really fun and bonus points for having a super-cute set of artifacts from your free date night experience.


8- Double-Date Potluck

couples date night dinner

If you’re into double-dating with friends, another great free date night idea is to invite another couple or two over for a potluck date.

Each party contributes a unique dish, so the burden isn’t on one person or couple, and everybody wins! A little wine, good convo (and maybe a round or two of Exploding Kittens) will make for the perfect free date night!


9- Volunteering Together

volunteering free date night

While maybe a bit unconventional as a date, if both of you have a generous heart and are drawn to a specific cause, a great way to bond is to spend time together working toward a common goal that you’re both passionate about.

If you both love animals, spend a little time volunteering at an animal shelter.

Into supporting fundraisers? See if there’s a charity walking event starting soon. Or do you have a passion for clean beaches? Why not spend a few hours helping your local charity keep the nearby beaches clean?

It’s such a great way to get to know your date better, it’s free, and it helps others at the same time. You can’t beat that with a stick!


10- Teaching Something The Other Doesn’t Know How To Do

teaching date night idea free

Another unconventional free date night idea is to play teacher-student! (No, not that way… but that works too!)

Rather, one of you can teach the other something new!

What? Well, anything that might be interesting.

For example, start teaching another language, an instrument, how to prepare a dish you prepare specifically well, a type of dance, how to craft something (like candles or soaps).

Possibilities are endless, and you’ll get to know so much about each other through sharing hobbies, interests and skills.


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Save money with these free date night ideas. These free date ideas are so romantic and the best thing is they can help you FIRE or be financially independent and retire early because they are FREE.

So, out of all these free date night ideas tips, which do you like the best? Do you have any of your own to share? Sound off in the comments below!

Happy dating!


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